Monday, July 25, 2016

Blast from the Past

If you read this blog then you probably know we are a group of older gamers that began gaming in High School in the late 60s.

Back then all we had were Airfix figures and Minitanks. Some survive to this day. My friend JZ sent these two pics below for a trip down memory lane.

Cutting edge wargaming 1968
American infantry and tank destroyers attack a Nazi held village.
Airfix infantry and Minitank vehicles    
Minitank trees and obstacles
Atlas Houses under Contruction set

American M-10 Tank Destroyers and M-8 Greyhound Armored cars supported by infantry assault a German held village.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Zulu War in HO Scale

This is the start of my Zulu War Project I'm doing with a friend. For the most part we are using ESCI\Italeri and HAT plastics in 1\72 scale.

Although some are mounted on single stands the organization will be from Black Powder and the Zulu War Supplement. I also may make The Sword and the Flame work for smaller games that have a one-to-one feel to them.

The HAT British Mounted Infantry features enough poses for an 8 figure mounted unit as well as a 8 figure dismt unit.  I will use them interchangeably. 
Dismt and Mtd Contingents.
Mtd Contingent Skirmishing from the saddle
ESCI\Italeri Zulus...Excellent figures and a bit fancy! These are the umHlanga-The Reeds.
My organization will be 24-30 Zulus to a regiment plus a command unit.
inDunas out front end the um Hlanga to wash their spears!