Wednesday, December 23, 2020

I Love a Parade: Celts and Polybian Romans

Bring bored one day lined up two of my collections that had the most figures. They are my Celts and Polybian Romans. The rules I use are a homegrown version of DBA documented somewhat on the blog.

The thing you'll notice the most is the size of the armies. Units are blocks of various ranks for looks. My organization is easily convertible to Hail Caesar should I chose to do so. 

Some of the Celts were painted over 20 years ago. Their bases have been fronted with newer figures. The manufacturers involved in this project are Newline (for the metal Romans), Hat, Esci, Italeri and a few Zvezda make up the 1\72 plastic contributions.

The Legions face their Celtic enemies on high ground.

View from the Celtic side of things.

Celt horsemen ready to gather some heads!

My war band units are all fronted with heroic pose Gaesati or command figures with the Carnyx.

Phil Barker says in DBA 3.0 that the Galatians always fought naked. I suppose he has a source. I just think it gives the Celts some uniqueness to have them out front in each war band.

The bases on the far left are a special command unit. It features two bases of Gaesati in front of the chieftains personal retainers.

Celtic light armed units hold the flank.

Chariot warriors backed by a Druid retinue that is happily calling down curses on the hated Romans.

The Hat Bouticca figure holding a Roman head.

Italian cavalry and infantry on the flank. Each Roman army had an Italian Legion and a Roman one. There is no reason to believe imo they did not look the same. However, there is evidence that other Italians served out side the legions as auxiliaries and that's how I've chosen to feature them here.

Newline Triarii and cavalry on the left. Command units from Newline and Hat on the top right.

With the exceptions of the velites which are Hat, this picture is my Newline half of my Polybians.

This is the Hat half of my Legion. Shield transfers as from Veni, Vedi, Vici and are 15mm because they fit better.

Roman cavalry by Italeri and more Italians from the Zvezda Roman set. Zvezda makes excellent figures but their Republican Romans feature far too may poses in a heroic armor style imo. I did up quite a few but prefer the other manufacturers.

Romans cavalry again.

My Polybian Romans on parade.

My Celts on parade.

Nasty Druids!

Victory or death! ( Buaidh no bas)
Various command units backed by Triarii posing after the parade. I still need some shield transfers.