Wednesday, November 30, 2016

1\72nd Stalingrad

I found some pictures from two years ago of a Stalingrad layout my friend continues to work on.

The pictures are samples of a solo game my friend was running for himself. The entire setup is from the collection of JZ.

A StugIIIb supports German Infantry as they approach a building strongpoint.

More German support weapons move up. In the background a 75mm infantry support gun. Note the old Airfix figure with the binoculars near the rubble.

A PZIIIg cautiously moves down a street.

The famous fountain in Stalingrad.

A Russian MG crew rushing into postion.

A Russian Sniper takes deadly aim

Each section of table is a mini diorama.

A Russian defensive position.

A T-34 waits in ambush

Russian Artillery in support. Note the backdrop of a city on the table's edge.

The Stuka's derail a Russian train carrying tank reinforcements.

Germans with halftrack support attack a Russian position

Ruins and more ruins

Russian Naval Infantry tenaciously defend their post to the last man.

The whole project is a work of art.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Misc WW2 Pictures from War-games

The pics are from the collection of blog contributor MS. Most feature his work.