Friday, December 13, 2019

Loyalist Legion for the AWI

I've been way behind with the blog but here are some pictures from a fairly recent Rebels and Patriots game.

The basic idea behind the game was a Loyalist force (Tories) have been returning from a raid in New Jersey. A Patriot force of militia has been tasked with stopping them.

The Patriots won a narrow victory as the Tories could not break through. The key fighting took place around the farmstead.

Some of the pictures were posed prior to the game.

Tory Dragoons (Tarleton's) and Emmerich's Mounted Chasseurs.The figures are a mixed bag from  Irregular Miniatures, Historifigs (formerly Scuby) and Airfix

Patriot Militia, figures by Accurate.

Tarleton's Legion Cavalry as Shock in Rebels and Patriots. Figures are 20mm Irregular Miniatures from the UK.

Patriot Militia again.

Emmerich's Chasseurs

Patriot Militia, all Airfix!

The collection of Patriot Militia was painted over 40 years ago. All Airfix! They have stood the test of time.

Airfix conversions. In Rebels and Patriots a unit like this represent mounted skirmishers.

Irregular Miniatures dismounted Dragoons attempt to hold the farmhouse against Rebel militia.

Tory Dragoons in the lead folioed by Tory military followed by the Volunteers of Ireland (Loyalists is red coats) All are Irregular Miniatures. 

The Queen's Rangers. The figures are Historifgs (formerly Jack Scruby. The scale is 25mm but they fit well with Airfix or 20mm figures.

The Royal Regiment of New York or Johnson's Royal Breens. Figures by Airfix.

Patriot militia. The flags are hand painted. Figures by Airfix

Virginia Patriot rifle regiment

The Volunteers of Ireland get in front of the Tory Militia.

The Queen's Rangers and dismounted dragoons hold part of the farmstead but can advance no further as just about everything else has collapsed.

A saber charge by the Tory Dragoons almost turned the tide but they stalled and were shot up beyond repair.