Thursday, September 2, 2021

Plains Wars Sampler

 Although the vast majority of my collection is 1\72 plastic and\or 20mm metal figures, I do have some 25mm and 28mm collections.

The old 25mm figures are of particular interest to me for nostalgia reasons. One period I had always wanted to dabble in, but never did, was the Plains Wars (1860-1890). Over the summer I decided to scratch that itch and started to paint the figures I had obtained from eBay.

The vast majority are from the small Plains Wars line that RAFM (Canada) still produces. The exception to the RAFM figures are Minifigs from their defunct Plains Wars line. I managed to obtain about a dozen from an eBay vendor. They have a character of their own and I would like to find more.

I have quite a few RAFM figures from their old Flint and Feather line (French and Indian War). RAFM produces a "chunky" (sturdy) 25mm with good detail. They work well with my Dixon figures which are large 25mm (closer to 28mm) especially when I mount the RAFM on thicker bases (like those below). 

At times, I glue RAFM infantry figures to a penny and then to a thicker base to make up the height between RAFM figures and the Dixons.

The pics are labeled as to what they are.

At this point I am not sure they will ever see a game. I am not ever sure what rules I would use. 

I intend to supplement this collection from the Dixon line and\or from the Foundry. I am aware that Old Glory makes figures in the period but you always have to order a large set unless you can find smaller amounts on eBay.

For now, it has just been a joy to paint these excellent figures.