Saturday, August 28, 2021

Provincials in the French and and Indian War

As usual, I got carried away when my friend suggested we do the French and Indian War with the Rebels and Patriots rules. We both had independently painted some miniatures in the past, he with the French and me with the English, so expanding what we had already done seemed logical.

This is one of the few periods where we are using old style 25mm metal figures-the scale which seems to have morphed into 28mm.

I decided to produce at least three different field forces at a minimum of 24 point each for the English\colonials. They would be interchangeable according to the scenario, but each could be fielded independently if I felt like it. They are as follows....

1. A field field force made up nearly exclusively as Highlanders. My original idea was to re-produce the Battle of Bushy Run. I'm still working on this field force, but when finished, it will have 5 units of Highlanders and one unit from the 60th Foot or Royal Americans since they contributed to the battle. The total exceeds 24 points since Highlanders almost always merit upgrades.

2. A field force of mostly British Regulars for the Braddock debacle or other battles that had more regulars than provincials. I currently have 4 units toward the goal and more than enough if I sub Highlanders for standard foot companies.

3. The third choice is featured below. The nucleus are the Jersey Blues, a provincial regiment organized on regular lines that included a light company and grenadier company. They are supplemented by various companies of provincials and frontier guards.

A fun set of rules!

Light Company Jersey Blues (RAFM figs)

Grenadier Company Jersey Blues (RAFM figs)

Frontier style militia in buckskins (RAFM and Minifigs)

Provincial Militia (Dixon and Irregular Miniatures)

Provincial Militia (Minifigs)

Dunn's Company of Frontier Guards

Rogers Rangers (Dixon)

The print I worked from for the Jersey Blues. Note the "buckskin" militia in the background.

Battalion Company Jersey Blues

The Jersey Blues for Rebels and Patriots