Friday, October 15, 2021

The Battle of Bushy Run-1763


The Battle of Bushy Run (1763) took place in western Pennsylvania during Pontiac's War. A British expedition that consisted primarily of Scots Highlanders was ambushed by a coalition of numerous native American tribes. The Highlanders prevailed after a spirited bayonet charge.

My interest in modeling the period dates back twenty years. The idea at the time was to create a diorama of the battle with 28mm wargame figures. I did not make much progress. Many years later with the help of a friend we built two French and Indian War armies in 25-28mm. It revived by interest in Pontiac's War and the Battle of Bushy Run.

The occasion for the pictures below was me finishing my fourth war band of Indian warriors. I added one of the units of my Highlanders to create a scene from the battle.

The figures in the pictures are from Dixon Miniatures in the UK and Warlord Miniatures (UK and US).

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Plains Wars Sampler

 Although the vast majority of my collection is 1\72 plastic and\or 20mm metal figures, I do have some 25mm and 28mm collections.

The old 25mm figures are of particular interest to me for nostalgia reasons. One period I had always wanted to dabble in, but never did, was the Plains Wars (1860-1890). Over the summer I decided to scratch that itch and started to paint the figures I had obtained from eBay.

The vast majority are from the small Plains Wars line that RAFM (Canada) still produces. The exception to the RAFM figures are Minifigs from their defunct Plains Wars line. I managed to obtain about a dozen from an eBay vendor. They have a character of their own and I would like to find more.

I have quite a few RAFM figures from their old Flint and Feather line (French and Indian War). RAFM produces a "chunky" (sturdy) 25mm with good detail. They work well with my Dixon figures which are large 25mm (closer to 28mm) especially when I mount the RAFM on thicker bases (like those below). 

At times, I glue RAFM infantry figures to a penny and then to a thicker base to make up the height between RAFM figures and the Dixons.

The pics are labeled as to what they are.

At this point I am not sure they will ever see a game. I am not ever sure what rules I would use. 

I intend to supplement this collection from the Dixon line and\or from the Foundry. I am aware that Old Glory makes figures in the period but you always have to order a large set unless you can find smaller amounts on eBay.

For now, it has just been a joy to paint these excellent figures.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Provincials in the French and and Indian War

As usual, I got carried away when my friend suggested we do the French and Indian War with the Rebels and Patriots rules. We both had independently painted some miniatures in the past, he with the French and me with the English, so expanding what we had already done seemed logical.

This is one of the few periods where we are using old style 25mm metal figures-the scale which seems to have morphed into 28mm.

I decided to produce at least three different field forces at a minimum of 24 point each for the English\colonials. They would be interchangeable according to the scenario, but each could be fielded independently if I felt like it. They are as follows....

1. A field field force made up nearly exclusively as Highlanders. My original idea was to re-produce the Battle of Bushy Run. I'm still working on this field force, but when finished, it will have 5 units of Highlanders and one unit from the 60th Foot or Royal Americans since they contributed to the battle. The total exceeds 24 points since Highlanders almost always merit upgrades.

2. A field force of mostly British Regulars for the Braddock debacle or other battles that had more regulars than provincials. I currently have 4 units toward the goal and more than enough if I sub Highlanders for standard foot companies.

3. The third choice is featured below. The nucleus are the Jersey Blues, a provincial regiment organized on regular lines that included a light company and grenadier company. They are supplemented by various companies of provincials and frontier guards.

A fun set of rules!

Light Company Jersey Blues (RAFM figs)

Grenadier Company Jersey Blues (RAFM figs)

Frontier style militia in buckskins (RAFM and Minifigs)

Provincial Militia (Dixon and Irregular Miniatures)

Provincial Militia (Minifigs)

Dunn's Company of Frontier Guards

Rogers Rangers (Dixon)

The print I worked from for the Jersey Blues. Note the "buckskin" militia in the background.

Battalion Company Jersey Blues

The Jersey Blues for Rebels and Patriots

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Lion Rampant HYW English

Along time ago I had an English HYW Army. It consisted primarily of Minifigs, Hinchcliffe and a few others manufacturers of 25mm figures. Sadly, I sold it off, but my friend kept his French. About seven years ago, this friend and I got back together and started to game again.

It created in me a desire to re-create my HYW English but this time in plastic and 1\72 scale.

As originally conceived it was to be a double based DBA type army and that's what I did. When I first painted the army up I really did not have a conversation with my friend apart from knowing we probably would not use the old rules we used 40 years ago.

In fact, he and I started to transition to the Osprey sets of rules that resembled more of a skirmish type game than the large battles we had back in the day.

Nevertheless, I painted up the army and it sat rather dormant until recently when he and I decided to use Lion Rampant for the period.

This meant a couple of things to me.

One was remounting the figures to be suitable to the Lion Rampant format. This I accomplished by carefully slicing the DBA type stands into figure bases of 3's, 2's and a few singles per unit.

I have other Lion Rampant that feature single bases for all and it's no big deal given how fast the games tend to go. On the other hand the 3,2,1 method works just as well especially if you think you have to remount figures.

The second thing I had to do was come up with army lists. My friend delegated the task to me and for the most part we use the lists in the Lion Rampant rule book.

The author states that the lists in the book are only guides to get a person started. He expects gamers to do their own research and come up with lists that reflect some kind of historical reality.

I took that at face value and combined the list in the rule book with Field of Glory lists that some other gamer put together for use in Lion Rampant. Smart fellow imo, and I'm sorry I don't remember his name.

In any event below is what I came up with based on what I have painted, The pictures after the list will tell the story.

Lion Rampant HYW English and French


• 1 Foot Men-at-Arms* @ 6 points 

• 2 Expert Archers @ 12 points 

• 1 Expert Foot Serjeants @ 6 points

Field of Glory List HYW

  • English dismounted Men-at-Arms (Foot Men-at-Arms* @6  (1 unit)

or Expert Foot Sergeants @6) 

  • Welsh or English Longbowmen (Archers @4 or Expert @6)  (2 units)

=18 points if expert

For 24, 30, 36 point add 6, 12, 18 points from the below

A 48 point army requires one additional English MAA and one additional English Longbow (expert)

Gascon Men-at-Arms (Mounted Men-at-Arms* @6)
or English Men-at-Arms (Drilled Mounted Men-at-Arms* @7 

Note: Can be fielded dismounted as Foot Men-at-Arms @6 

Hobilars (Mounted Yeomen + Javelin @3or Foot Yeomen @3)

Gascon dismounted Men-at-Arms (Foot Men-at-Arms @6 

or Expert Foot Sergeants @6) 

Gascon crossbowmen (Crossbows @4)
Gascon bidets or Irish kerns as (Bidowers @2)
Gascon brigans (Foot Yeomen @3)
Welsh spearmen (Foot Yeomen @3)
German spearmen (Foot Serjeants + Mobile Schiltron @5) 

At present my army lacks the variety listed. I basically have the Lion Rampant basic list times two for a total of 48 points. My plan is to paint up some of other choices for variety sake and to tap down a bit of the eliteness. Enjoy the pictures below.

This is one of my dismounted men-at-arms. I believe the figures are all Zvezda from the English HYW infantry set that you cannot find anymore.

If memory serves me the archers came in the same Zvezda box that the dismounted knights and sergeants did. I remember purchasing at least 2 boxes to get the mix I needed.

This unit of  Zvezda infantry will function as "expert" sergeants. Drop the expert designation and pick up 2 points for something else!

This particular long bow unit features miniatures from the Henry V set by Strelets (8 of the figures including the one who looks a bit like Robin Hood). The other three figures are let over from the Zvezda set. One of neat things about Strelets figures is the variety in poses.

This is my second unit of dismounted men-at-arms although two are mounted. Obviously, one of the mounted figures is the big man himself. He is accompanied by his body guard! The infantry figures are Zvezda while the two mounted figures are Italeri.

My second unit of "expert"sergeants. I recognize that most are knights but I'm fine with that. They are all Zvezda figures.

This is my third set of long bows. They are a mixed bag of Italeri, Revell and even some old Airfix Sheriff of Nottingham!

This is my fourth set of longbows. They are mixed bag as well. I would have liked 12 of the Airfix Sheriff of Nottingham archers but I only had 8 and so divided them between two units.

This was a fun army to paint. I did it about 5 years ago. I hope to use it in a game of Lion Rampant soon.