Wednesday, November 30, 2016

1\72nd Stalingrad

I found some pictures from two years ago of a Stalingrad layout my friend continues to work on.

The pictures are samples of a solo game my friend was running for himself. The entire setup is from the collection of JZ.

A StugIIIb supports German Infantry as they approach a building strongpoint.

More German support weapons move up. In the background a 75mm infantry support gun. Note the old Airfix figure with the binoculars near the rubble.

A PZIIIg cautiously moves down a street.

The famous fountain in Stalingrad.

A Russian MG crew rushing into postion.

A Russian Sniper takes deadly aim

Each section of table is a mini diorama.

A Russian defensive position.

A T-34 waits in ambush

Russian Artillery in support. Note the backdrop of a city on the table's edge.

The Stuka's derail a Russian train carrying tank reinforcements.

Germans with halftrack support attack a Russian position

Ruins and more ruins

Russian Naval Infantry tenaciously defend their post to the last man.

The whole project is a work of art.


Phil said...

Most impressive and atmospheric; great pictures!

Bruce Roeder said...

Thank you Phil and thanks for visiting.

Paul Howes said...

The ruined buildings are Great!
Greetings from Fiddle Wood, Norwich UK. BB

Bruce Roeder said...

Thanks Paul. I will pass on to JZ. He says working on his table is a hobby all by itself. Thanks for visiting.