Thursday, March 23, 2017

March or Die and the Khalifa's Guards

A couple of colonial gaming units for The Men Who Would Be Kings rules.

Painted by JZ

March or Die! French Foreign Legion, 1890

Mulazimyya bodyguards and friends
Mulazimyya Rifles, organized in 1892 by the Khalifa.
Semi regular shooter unit destroyed at Omdurman.
The only somewhat uniformed "rub" in the Mahdist army.


Jonathan Freitag said...


Phil said...

Love these uniforms...and the paint job!

Unknown said...

I always find the French Foreign Legion tempting. Do those rules include scenarios?

Philotep said...

Very nice scene, the mahdists are particularly well painted !

Bruce Roeder said...

The rules have a number of generic type scenarios adaptable to most colonial period armies. For a 64 page book the author managed to cover quite a bit.

Bruce Roeder said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...