Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Zulu War 1879 Imperial Foot

Like my other Zulu War figures I've organized my units to be used in two sets of rules. For a skirmish type game I use The Men Who Would be Kings. In TMWWBK Regular Infantry are in 12 figure units.

For larger games with more spectacle I want to use Black Powder. By combining two units from TMWWBK I'll have one unit for Black Powder.

Two companies for the TMWWBK plus two Lieutenants, one for each company and a Captain in the middle to command both. With this organization I can easily use them for The Sword and the Flame too. The figures are all HAT.

"A" Company 90th Foot, Hat figures

"B" Company 90th Foot. Hat figures

The gallant Captain commanding A and B Companies. (will have to name the officers one of these days)

The 90th Foot combined for Black Powder. Black Powder favors large units (usually) and in the Zulu War supplement British Regulars are usually in 16, 20 or 24 figure units.

A and B Companies 13th Foot. The 13th are metal New Line Designs 20mm. The Men Who Would Be Kings uses the smallest unit sizes of the three sets of rules I'm familiar with for the Zulu War. The other set is The Sword and the Flame and units sizes in the TSTF are 20 figures for infantry, 12 for mounted.

B Company, 13th Foot. The Sgt. is giving direction to the lads.

As of yet unnamed Lieutenant of B Company.

This fine fellow is the Captain of A and B Companies.


Phil said...

Great painting and basing Bruce, a splendid group!

Bruce Roeder said...

As always Phil thanks for your encouragement.

Unknown said...

Hi bruce
First-class painting of the figures
Photos look great
The bases are made super
Are the figures of Hät

Bruce Roeder said...

Thanks Guido. The figures in the top pictures are Hat while the figures in the pictures toward the bottom are metal New Line Designs in 20mm.