Monday, October 30, 2017

A Test Game in Ancient Warfare

Recently two of my friends played a game to test an old set of rules called Hoplite Warfare. The available figures consisted of a Greek army and Celt army. I got to roll dice, give pithy comments, have a beer and take some pictures.

The Greeks (Italeri, Zvezda) were painted by my friend Mike (MS) and the (Airfix) Gauls by my friend Jim (JZ). I (BR)  painted one war band of Gauls and the Gaul cavalry (Italeri).

It was a test game so no one really won. The Greek hoplites broke through the Gaul center but the Greek flanks both collapsed. The Gauls lost a couple of war bands and the Greeks lost most of their light infantry, peltasts and all of their cavalry.

As you can see it was a colorful game!

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