Saturday, March 3, 2018

British 1st Airborne Recce Races to Arnhem

The pictures are from a recent war-game. The captions tell the story.

I just love the looks of the reece unit. Figures and vehicles by my friend JZ.

The 121st Independent Pathfinder battalion does their job securing the landing zone.
Wehrmacht General Kussin (area commander) is ambushed.
Airborne Recce moves out after landing in Horsa Gliders.

Racing to Arnhem
1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron (AB Recce)  is halted by enemy fire.  
Recce regroups

 Luftwaffe Sd Kfz 222 from Deelen airfield

 9th SS is here. Surprise!

Sd Kfz 250 takes a hit and that surprises the SS

Piats ruin the party!

"Johnny" Urqhart commanding general of 1st Airborne has gone missing in action
The radios are all out, can't raise anybody!
The pity and cost of war

Pathfinders "hold" the hotel and wine cellar

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