Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Greek\Persian War DBA_SR

De Bellis Antiquitatis is DBA followed by my friend Mike's initials.

He modified DBA 1.0 to make it his own so it serves as his house rules for the Greek Persian War in 1\72 scale.

Below are the pics he took of the last game. The figures are excellent and are from Zvezda and Hat. Enjoy!

Theban and Persian battle line
Aerial view of initial deployment
Athenian line
Athenian line
Greeks moved first.   
Athenians left half and Spartans right half of line.

Thebans on left of pic

Persian battle line in background, Athenians in foreground

Spartans on right advance past the Athenians 

Athenians face the Immortals flanked by an element Medes on each side.

Athenians clash with the Immortals

Spartans contact the Persian allies

Spartans contact the Persian allies

Persian allies close up

Athenians flanked
Nice close up!
Battle lines fragmented
End of game, Greek win

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