Thursday, April 9, 2020

Spanish Army of the Punic Wars

I tend to do double bases for my DBA type armies for looks purposes. It usually does not matter for my modified rules to work well enough and looks a darn sight better than the single bases in my opinion.

One  of my long standing projects is do an individual army for each of the major players in the 2nd Punic War without having to "borrow" miniatures from one army to the next since they all more or less fought one another. 

Therefore, I have a separate Hannibal's Army that does not include Spanish from the army below. Perhaps I'll feature that army in a later post.

Below is sampling from my purely Spanish army from the 2nd Punic War. If it does not line up with what you know about DBA keep in mind that early DBA simply serves as a template for me rules. I've explained some of that elsewhere on this blog.

Iberian Light Infantry (Ps in DBa) (Orion) 
Command Unit by Hat
Iberian Infantry mounted as 3Ax for DBA (Hat)
A better shot of Iberian 3Ax infantry (Hat)
Another command type stand this time as 4Ax (Newline)
Iberian infantry as 4Ax. They are from the Orion set. It's a neat set although flash can be an issue.
Spanish Infantry by Newline mounted as 4Ax.
Heavy Cavalry (Cv in DBA) The center figure is Newline and the rest are Hat.
A better view
Spanish light cavalry (Lh in DBa) Hat


Jonathan Freitag said...

Good looking army, Bruce!

Bruce Roeder said...

Thank you Jonathan.

Michal DwarfCrypt said...

Great work sir.

Bruce Roeder said...

Thank you Michal.

Philotep said...

Hi Bruce, very nice looking army. I have painted a few (mainly Hät) some years ago, I find it difficult to find enough shield patterns for a whole army! I will probably copy some of yours :)

Bruce Roeder said...

Thanks Phil. I made most of them up and just tried to be colorful. Shield designs, unless stamped on the figure are a major challenge for me.