Saturday, November 21, 2020

Scruby American War of Independence

Scruby figures in 20-25mm scale were meant to be compatible with Airfix and although crude by today's standards they were popular. Since I have a bit of nostalgia in me I decided to rebuild part of my lost collections with Jack Scruby figures since I value the old "toy soldier" look they possess.

I found that most Scruby figures are still available through, an outfit in my home state of Wisconsin.

Below are pictures of what I have thus far for my AWI collection.

The Germans from the Principality of Brunswick Wolfenbuttel. Almost 6000 soldiers were supplied for the campaign. Few returned to the their native land.

The collection is organized around the Osprey Rules, Rebels and Patriots.

The crazy quilt of German States around the time of the American Revolution

Brunswick Jaegers. One company of around 150 were supplied as part of the Light Infantry Battalion Barner. 

Brunswick Infantry Regiment Von Specht. Grenadier Company to the left.

Brunswick Infantry Regiment Von Specht.

The 21st Foot, the Royal North British Fusileers. They were part of the Saratoga Campaign.

The Queens Rangers, one of the premier Loyalist or Tory formations. They were not at Saratoga.

The Queens Rangers had a Hussar Company, pictured left. The British Dragoons are part of the 17th Light Dragoons. 

The Queens Rangers wore distinctive head gear and like most Tory units were clad in dark green. Later in the war many Tory units switched to red, but not the Queen's Rangers.

My Scruby British contingent, the 21st Ft, a light company and the 17th Lt. Dragoons

Brunswick Infantry Regiment Von Specht with the Grenadier Company.

Brunswick Infantry Regiment Von Specht with the Jaeger Company.

I have a few AWI Musket Miniatures which are not available anymore. They were marketed as 25mm but are close enough to integrate with the Scrubys. I buy them up when I can find them. They are better quality than Scruby. It was a fine line!


Jonathan Freitag said...

Scruby 25mm figures have a certain charm even though they do not have the detail of today's state of the art figures. Having painted many of the Mexican-American War figures, I like them.

Bruce Roeder said...

Thanks Jonathan. I have some Scruby Mexican War yet to paint. I intend to do enough for Rebels and Patriots. I’m glad to see there is a fellow admirer of the old style figures.

Jonathan Freitag said...

All figures are created equal; some simply more realistic.