Sunday, October 30, 2022

Armies and Enemies of Ancient Rome-Romans and Hannibal's Army in Italy

 Most of my war game armies are in 20-22mm (1\72-1\76) with many being in plastic. At some point, I discovered Newline miniatures and set about replacing some plastics with Newline-in this case Hannibal's Army in Italy.

My ancient armies are based to be versatile. I play games with Command and Colors Ancients, my version of DBA and in the not-to-distant future a set called Triumph

I was looking over the Triumph lists and brought my collection out. I decided to take some portraits with my iPad. Here are the results.

Newline Spanish Scutari

Newline Spanish Caetrati

Newline Spanish Long-Shield Cavalry

Newline Celts

Newline Celt Cavalry

Newline Libyan Spearmen

Newline Numidian Cavalry

This is one of the best sets HAT ever made. Libyan Spearman in captured Roman armor.

The Great Man Himself-Hannibal by Newline

Balearic Slingers, Hat and Italeri

Newline Roman Hastatus

Newline Roman Principes

Newline Roman Triarii

Hat Velites

Newline Roman Cavalry

Hat Italian Allies

Legatus and Eagle from the Hat command set


Tony Emery said...

Impressive armies Bruce great work!

Bruce Roeder said...

Thank you sir. Your work inspires!