Thursday, February 8, 2024

Rebels and Patriots Confederates in 1\72 plastic

 When I got back into wargaming 10 years ago, I was committed to 1\72 plastics. It's where we started way back in the 1960s. My friend and I have quite a few armies in the old classic scale.

The ACW has always been a favorite of mine. I painted up these Confederates early on in my return to wargaming.

My original theme was early war Hampton's Legion since it comprised of infantry, cavalry, and artillery in the manner of the War of Independence legions.

I added units to the theme but kept the basic idea of a South Carolina Rebels and Patriots "company" although I use unit names.

These are IMEX figures. This was my original Hampton's Legion battery. I use two guns instead of the RP one for looks purposes.

These are my metal exceptions in the group. They are Musket Miniatures they picked off of eBay because they are cool figures. In RP they will be used as mounted skirmishers.

Italeri Confederate cavalry. Beautiful set of figures. I did them in regulation uniforms to depict early war Hampton's Legion.

The mounted cavalry figures are Italeri and look like they are supposed to be the famous 1st Virginia. The dismt figures are IMEX. 

General Wade Hampton from the Italeri set.

In Rebels and Patriots, dismounted cavalry are in 6 fig skirmish units. I use them in 12 fig units as light infantry but change their stats to 5\12" to represent the carbines and mixed weapons. Most of these are Italeri, but the command figures are Musket Miniatures.

Italeri Confederate infantry. I have two units of 18 for Rebels and Patriots.

The unit in front is ESCI except for the command figures, which are metal 20mm from Newline. The back unit is classic Airfix. They are the infantry component of Hampton's Legion.

Three units of skirmishers. They are a mix of Italeri and ESCI.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Fine looking Reb force, Bruce!

Bruce Roeder said...

As always Jonathan, you are very kind. Thanks!