Friday, February 9, 2018

Scenario: Operation Cobra in 1\72nd Scale

The scenario was based on the American break out operation from Normandy called Operation Cobra.  The scenario features elements of the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich as they attempt to stop or at least slow down the American breakout.

The American force consisted of:

-3 M5 Stuarts
-9 M4 Shermans
-1 M4 Sherman (105mm)
-4 halftracks with a unit of infantry in each

The German force consisted of:

-3 units of infantry in the town or nearby
-1 Pak 40 (ATG) nearby
-1 StugIIIG in the town

-2 Pz IVh's in support nearby
-1 halftrack with a unit of infantry nearby

The Americans sought to seize the crossroads and sweep behind the town. The Americans took the crossroads but got into a gun dual with the two hull down Pz. IV's and lost.

Meanwhile the Germans lost the Pak 40 and one unit of infantry in the town but the Americans could not capitalize on their limited success as their remaining forces were too strung out.

The game was played by my two friends MS and JZ. The rules used are home grown. As usual MS took some excellent pictures of the game.
Never be in the lead tank!

Again, never be in the lead tank!

American armored infantry exit their track for a firefight.

Germans gunners work their Pak 40 and attempt to kill some Shermans.

German infantry block the way!

A better view of the blocking force.

Oh, oh! The StugIII ambushes a M4

A view from the town down the main road.

I suspect there is a kraut sniper in the tower.

Observing the advance and a hit scored on a American track

SS eyes are everywhere and the American advance is stymied. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mike's Hobby Hints-Glues and Static Grass

My friend Mike is a HO model railroad hobbyist and a war-gamer. He uses techniques from model railroading and applies them to his war-game figures and the bases the figures are on.

Recently Mike received a question as to the type of glues he uses and Mike responded with the below answer plus bonus pictures and explanations of the whole process.

The explanations are first followed by the pictures. 

The only glue I use is Elmer’s white glue and wood pva glue. The white glue will dissolve in water.
The wood glue will not. 
I also use a trick I learned from Model railroaders and that is,  dish soap makes water wetter. A drop of water will bead up on a surface and if it has a drop of soap mixed with it it will spread and soak in.

I keep an old bottle of Elmer's white glue that it 50 % white glue and 50% water with just a couple of drop of soap added.   It only take a couple of drops. Shake the mixture well before using it.  

In a separate container I mixed dirt from my yard which I ground fine but may still have some small chunks or small stones that match the scale with the “Blended Turf “. This breaks up the bright green of the product and gives it a more natural look.

After painting a figure and before removing it from the painting base I paint the figure’s base with a green or brown color. While the paint is still wet I cover it with the Blended Turf mix.  Turn the figure sideways and tap the painting base to remove the excess turf.

I then use the wood glue to attach the figure to the wooden base/tray.

Once all the figures have been glued to the base and the glue dried I paint the base/tray and again while the paint is wet cover it with the Blended Turf.  Let it dry and the tap the bottom to remove excess Turf.

Once the base is covered with the Blended Turf mix and dried I apply the 50/50 glue/water mix. I started doing this because while gaming the Turf would rub off.

For many this will be good enough as looks good just like what is pictured.

I went nuts and  figured this would be a little more detail and started adding Woodlands Static Grass before the 50/50/mix dried.  I like to use a needle nose tweezers and just dab the grass to the stand. 

The grass comes in several shades.

The final step is the final application of detail items such as weapons, bushes and tall grass branches. I  like to use the Woodland Scenics tall grass pictured below..

For my model railroad I wanted a thick carpet of grass but for war-gaming I like just a little. Holding a small clump at the desired length I cut it using a sharp scissors. I then put a drop of the 50/50 glue on the cut end and place it on the base/tray. I do the same with small stones and or sticks from my yard .

I spray all my finished stands with dull coat to protect them.

Samples of finished products

Sunday, January 14, 2018

No game, just pictures.

In no particular order a whole of pictures from my and my friend's Sudan project...

We simply got together and tried out my new camera lens and posed some shots of our figures.