Friday, August 7, 2015

Scratch Built Russian Hut, Eastern Front WW2

This is entry is a bit different since it features a "how to." A "how to build a Russian hut for the Eastern Front in 1/72nd scale out of easy to get materials. The pictures and text are all from contributor MS.

The house is Balsa wood, Woodland scenic grass ( HO railroad ), Elmer’s waterproof wood glue and water base paints.
Before starting any project, RESEARCH,the subject. In this case study pictures of the real thing and then determine how accurate and detailed YOU want/need the the project to be. 
Is it for a highly detailed display or a game, or a good looking game? I like good looking games.
1)  Plan the shape of the building.
2)  Draw the building as if unfolded on the construction material. In this case a sheet of Balsa wood.
If you have never done this before practice by making a box out of a single sheet of paper. Draw it, cut it out and then fold it.
3) Outline the doors and windows and cut them out but save them for later.  The windows can be used for shutters or a piece can be trimmed off and used for the window trim. The door cut outs can be detailed and used as,  well, the doors, open closed or half opened.
4) If you want to make a log building determine the log thickness and mark it on opposite ends of the wall section with dots. Then using the straightedge  connect the dots.
The pencil will groove the wood.  The wood grain of the logs can be made with a pencil,  wire brush, or fine saw blade.(works great on plastic)
Offset the horizontal lines on opposite wall sections so the logs look like they overlap. 
 I also drew the small sidewalls 1/4” longer on each end, 1/2” total. Before gluing the walls together each end is then trimmed back that 1/4” and saved.  I then glued the short wall  1/4” recessed to the adjacent long wall and then glued the 1/4” strip to the outside of the long wall making it look like overlapping logs.
5) Cut out the wall sections and paint.
I like to use watered down paint and even get the wall section damp just before painting. I then use a hair dryer , right away, to dry it.  Balsa will bend when wet so I then paint the back side and dry it.
6) Using a 90 degree block I glue the walls together.
7) Once dry I turn the building upside down on my roof material and mark off the shape, cut it out and attach it to the building.
The thatch is Woodland Scenic grass.  I take a small pinch and cut it to length with a scissors, do not let go. I then spread glue on a small section of roof, starting at a bottom edge.  Then place the grass on it and spread it out.   Wash off any glue on your fingers and repeat.   It’s a very slow process but looks good. Trim the edges with the tip of the scissors.

Good luck and have fun.
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Unknown said...

Beautiful Job. I like the detail. ;)

Bruce Roeder said...

Thank you Charles. I will pass that on to MS.