Monday, July 27, 2015

Eastern Front in 1/72 Part IV

Part IV of Eastern Front in 1/72 features the dreaded 88mm dual-purpose gun.

In the game the 88mm gun proved to be a decisive factor in stopping the Russian tank assault in their efforts to retake the Ukranian village.

View #1 Airfix 1/72 88mm Gun
View #3 Airfix 1/72 88mm Gun
Top View Airfix 88mm Gun
Distance view Airfix 1/72 88mm Gun on left flank

The rules are homegrown but had their origins with a set of WW2 rules written to the 1960s titled Angriff.

The 88mm gun in the pictures is an Airfix model and from the work of MS. (contributor to the this blog)

Zimmerman & Myers' Angriff!


Everything in this series of posts is from an actual game and not posed.

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