Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WW1 German Dragoons and some Prisoners

About a year ago I reentered the war gaming and painting hobby after being out of it for more than 20 years.

The impetus to re-enter the field was a chance meeting between my son and my old war game pal from our High Schools days through the 1980s. Through him I re-established contact with another war game pal who I've known even longer.

The two of them were still gaming and it wasn't long before I decided to join them.

My primary scale of choice is 20-22mm and plastic figures are favored. The plastic figures take us back to our early days of war gaming in the 1960s when Airfix figures was just about all we could get.

The first period I jumped into was WW1. I had been reading about the Eastern Front and discovering that a number of manufacturers made figures for the period in plastic encouraged me to decide on painting some up.

The pictures below are some of my first efforts. Entry from the collection of BRR.

German Dragoons 1914
Figures by Strelets
Vignette with Airfix German prisoners being escorted by HAT Russians, 1914

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