Wednesday, December 2, 2015

35th VA Cavalry Battalion

Although my ACW units can be generic for game purposes I do like to paint them up with a particular unit in mind.

In this case I painted up 22mm ACW Musket Miniatures as the 35th Virginia Cavalry Battalion.

The inspiration for the unit came from my reading of ACW Quarterly and the 35th's participation in a raid on a railroad bridge in Pennsylvania during the Gettysburg Campaign.

The 35th became the first CSA unit to enter Gettysburg prior to the battle. The 35th was on and off part of the famed Laurel Brigade and did service through the the end of the war.

We use both mounted and dismounted elements for an ACW cavalry unit.

Sadly, Musket Miniatures went out of business and the new owner has yet to advertise his intentions.

Although I work primarily with 1\72 (21mm-24mm) plastic figures I do have a number of metal figures that I enjoy as well.

One of advantages of Musket Miniatures was the variety of poses in a metal line.

The 35th ready for dismounted action.

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Phil said...

Nice looking units, great job!