Saturday, September 24, 2016

Operation Totalize

On August 8,1944 the Allies launched their next offensive to drive the Germans back again.  Not waiting for the attack to begin Kurt Meyer of 12 SS pushed his units forward first.  With elements of the First Canadian Corps and the Northants Yeomanary the Allies were to seize the town of Cintheaux as the first step.  German units moved forward engaging the Canadians stopping them outside of the town.  A Nebelwerfer battery kept the Allies under rocket fire destroying a 6lb antitank gun section.  A left flank drive by the Northants was quickly stopped by the 12 SS Mark VI tanks.  Despite aircover the German armor could not be prevented from entering the town.  Canadian infantry moved into Cintheaux and battled the defenders but were unable to push them out.  After sustaining 50% casualties the Allies withdrew remaining forces to await replacements to try again.  German losses were negligible.  The Germans held Cintheaux till nightfall and then fell back to regroup.  The assembly area for the Germans is the town of Falaise.

The scale of the models and infantry is 1\72nd. The organization is platoon\company with the addition of other assets. The pictures are in no particular order.

The game was played out by my friends and  club members MS and JZ. 


Phil said...

Very impressive pictures!

Bruce Roeder said...

Thank you Phil.