Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Battle of Belmont 1861

I often see a war game as an experiment especially when using new rules. In this case the experiment failed but because it was an experiment it didn't fail at all because I learned from the failure. Having said that the pictures turned out.

Birds eye view of a very nice gaming table. It shows the Reb right flank holding a dominating ridge while the Union boys form up for the assault. The paper slips are for unit ID and have yet to be deployed.

My 14th Brooklyn standing in for a historical regiment that was at Belmont in 1861. The figures are Musket Miniatures in 22mm.

A Reb battery holds the road and is supported by some Texas units on their left. The Texans were a substitute for the Tennessee troops that formed the bulk of the CSA forces at Belmont.

My ACW armies are a combination of plastic and metal figures between 22 and 24mm. 3rd Arkansas on the far right with the Bonnie Blue flag.

The Union 7th Iowa boys close in and will push back the Texans.

The 5th NY Zouaves closes in but the Reb line is too strong.

Nice close up. The Zouave unit is the 5th NY.

Edge of the mighty Miss.

The CSA camp on the left was effectively defended by the units on the ridge. Nice Bird's eye view.