Monday, March 11, 2024

Plains Wars Miniatures from RAFM and Minifig

 RAFM Miniatures has been around since 1977. Today, they produce figures for fantasy and sci-fi. They still produce historical lines that include the ACW, FIW, and Plains Wars. The lines are limited in selection but are produced in old-style 25mm scale. The sculpting is very well done, and they fit well with vintage Minifigs. I have mixed the two brands in my Plains Wars collection.

I originally found some RAFM Plains Wars figures on eBay before I realized they were still being produced. Once I discovered this, I decided to paint up some for The Men Who Would Be Kings set of wargame rules.

An English wargame group produced a variant for the period that modified the unit sizes and gave the rules more Old West favor.

My unit of scouts has gotten this far. Three of the figures are Native American. For the Sioux War, they were probably Crow or Shosone traditional enemies of the Sioux and Cheyenne. The other three are either white or half-breeds. All scouted for the army. The figure with the tan hat is a Minifig.

Mounted warriors-All RAFM

I tried to highlight the center warrior while blurring the other figures.

These warriors are all Minifigs. To my knowledge, that line is no longer produced. I found these on eBay.

The Minifigs fit well with RAFM. 

RAFM mounted cavalry. The number of available poses is a challenge, but they are great figures.

Dismounted warriors by RAFM

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