Saturday, April 27, 2024

Classic Airfix AWI

 My vintage AWI collection includes units of Airfix figures. When I and a friend (JZ) started wargaming in the period (1975) we both had units of Airfix figures.

Airfix made two sets. One was of British Grenadiers, and the other was marketed as Washington's Army.

We threw in the Airfix units with whatever metal figures we could find back in the 1970s. These included Minifigs, Hinchcliffe, and Garrison. Sadly, I sold off my collection in the late 1980s, but my friend JZ kept his.

When we got back together in 2014, we started gaming again in the period with the Rebels and Patriots rules. I had to re-raise the British, German, and Loyalist units. I was sure to include some of the classic Airfix figures.

British Grenadiers. You always needed more than one box to get a unit in the same pose. The detail on the two sets was quite good, considering they originally came out in the 1970s. The set lacked an officer on foot, but the mounted officer was very nice. There is a famous painting of the British Grenadiers storming Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill) and the Airfix Grenadier pose captures the painting nicely.

The Washington's Army set is painted up as British. Standard bearers in both sets were unusable, so conversions had to be made. Here, I substituted command figures (Irregular Miniatures 20mm from the UK). The unit is painted as the 9th Foot. Once again, the mounted officer is a pleasant addition

2nd New Hampshire from the classic Lefferts collection

Unlike my figures above, the following pictures of figures date back to the 1970s: My friend (JZ) painted them up as the 2nd New Hampshire. The flags are hand-painted. At least four of the figures have round hats instead of the standard cocked hats that came with the Washington's Army box.

These are conversions from the regular Washington's Army box. One was painted up with a coonskin cap to represent a Continental riflemen. (JZ)

These were painted up in the Continental uniforms of Washington's bodyguard. (JZ)

JZ also did quite a few militia units. This one represents a typical New England unit. The flag is hand-painted.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Ah, I remember these two sets very well.

Pompey Dave said...

I have just started an AWI collection in 1/72, mostly Revell, but including many Airfix figures. Your work is much more impressive, I have to say.

Bruce Roeder said...

I started with Airfix in 19602, so I had a lot of practice. The figures on the blog were all purchased from eBay. I just think they are classics. Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by. It's much appreciated.